We offer high quality programs to help students study and improve their English Language Skills. We offer unique ESL classes that provide what you need for effective and meaningful communication. We will help you feel more confident about speaking up – at work, in school, or in any social situations where you need to communicate with English speakers.


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With years of experience as educators, we know just what it takes to engage students. Our unique teaching approach makes our students feel valued, respected and appreciated. We believe in fostering a creative, collaborative, and engaging experience to help our students reach their full potential and help them pursue their dreams. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.



Dive Right In

Are you applying for permanent residency or citizenship in Canada?
If so, you will need to take an exam to demonstrate to the government that you have attained sufficient command of the English language.
The CELPIP-General Test is designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as proof of English language proficiency for those applying for permanent resident status in Canada. The CELPIP test is a fully computer-delivered English language test that provides a consistent and standardized measurement of a test taker’s competency in language skills. It incorporates Canadian English and accents as practiced in Canada.
We offer preparation services for the CELPIP test. We help you with the language skills you need and provide you with test-taking strategies that will assure that you obtain a top score.


An Exceptional Learning Experience

Our qualified and experienced teachers serve as facilitators of the learning process. Instead of simply lecturing, they guide students by helping them develop their English language skills, encouraging them to ask questions and explore solutions, and promoting the use of resources outside of the classroom.


Fun and Challenging

We offer private tutoring on site or on-line for all ages and levels. We provide personalized service and customized instruction to each and every student. We work with students to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary enhancement and practice, writing, speaking, summarizing, and critical thinking. Our goal is to see our students acquire self-confidence, new language skills and achieve the academic and personal success they desire.